Campaign Trail ’16

During my final semester at Columbia College Chicago I was fortunate enough to follow the 2016 Campaign Trail. The photos below were taken by this reporter during political primaries in Iowa, South Carolina, Wisconsin and Illinois.

[This page will be updated regularly with new content.]


Sen.Ted Cruz speaks to supporters at the Iowa state fairgrounds on Monday Feb.1, 2016 (Photo by Nick Garcia)


Sen. Ted Cruz speaking to supporters on Monday Feb. 1, 2016 (Photo by Nick Garcia)


Inside the campaign headquarters of Sen. Ted Cruz doing the Iowa Caucus. Feb 1, 2016 (Photo by Nick Garcia)


Carl Miller, 17, from Downers Grove Illinois waits to hear Sen. Ted Cruz speak at the Iowa state fairgrounds. Carl took the 311 mile trip to volunteer for Sen. Cruz. (Photo by Nick Garcia)


Sen. Bernie Sanders supporters gathered at a bar for his official watch party during the South Carolina Primary. (Photo by Nick Garcia)


Donald Trump supporters give the thumbs up as they wait in line to enter the UIC pavilion. The Trump rally scheduled in Chicago was ultimately cancelled due to conflicts between supporters and protesters. (Photo by Nick Garcia)


Hundreds of Anti-Trump and Pro-Sanders supporters fill the streets located outside the UIC pavilion moments after an announcement was made that Donald Trump would not be speaking. (Photo by Nick Garcia)img_3159

Police are shown escorting protesters out of the UIC pavilion for classing with Trump supporters before his speech in Chicago. (Photo by Nick Garcia)





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