Benefits of coding; Learning something new and applying it

I recently graduated from the masters program at Columbia College Chicago in the department of journalism and during the spring semester, I had the opportunity to not only report extensively on the 2016 Presidential Election, but also take a basic coding class.

Some might think a fucking coding class? Yes, fucking coding. The experience and knowledge I gained was like sitting behind Payton Manning, learning how to dissect defenses day in and day out. In simple terms, it was very beneficial to my growth as a journalist. Continue reading →


Labor activists: Union fight in Illinois mirrors Wisconsin

[This article was originally published in ChicagoTalks. You can view the original article here!]

With negotiations between Gov. Bruce Rauner and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees virtually non-existent, Wisconsin labor unions offer telling words of their own struggle five years ago. Continue reading →